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Detox Decision Making Tool

Detox Decision Making Tool

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So you’re thinking about trying a detox product? Maybe it’s a detox tea? A special juice cleanse? 

No matter what detox product you’re considering trying, this handy scientifically-proven detox decision-making tool is your trustworthy guide.

Which detox is right for you? Find out below

Your kidney & liver status

What is your primary health goal?


Additional Reading

If you’re confused about detoxes and the marketing used to sell them, be sure to check out these links to help turn the scales in your favour.

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Saturday 9th of May 2020

I know this question might be out of the blue but, what is your view on activated charcoal? What is it really used for?

Dr Bill Sukala

Saturday 9th of May 2020

Hi Nana, There are a number of uses for activated charcoal, including in a medical setting for those that have overdosed or ingested a poison. It's been co-opted and used in other areas such as cholesterol reduction. But I think as a supplement, it's important to remember that by itself it's not a silver bullet or substitute for healthy eating or overall lifestyle. What were you thinking of taking it for?