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Bill has been providing clear, concise, high-impact quotes and interviews on health, exercise, and nutrition to global media outlets since the 1990s. Bill’s relaxed media-savvy demeanor, along with his professional qualifications and experience, delivers a credible and impactful health message to your audience. If you’re an editor, writer, TV/radio producer, or public relations firm looking for a media health spokesperson or expert commentary on healthy lifestyle topics, please contact Bill to discuss your needs.

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Topic areas for comment

  • Active lifestyle, active workplace
  • Exercise & fitness routines
  • Diet, nutrition, and supplements
  • Latest health & fitness fads, trends, and myths
  • Healthy psychology and motivation
  • Lifestyle conditions (obesity, diabetes, heart disease)

Recent media appearances

22 January 2020 – Cause Matters Podcast
How to Overcome Food Anxiety and B.S. Health Claims

5 September 2019 – Elemental
The Enduring Menace of Detox Teas

31 July 2019 – RSN Racing and Sport 
Interview on the Late Show with Kevin Hillier regarding sports supplements and regulation

30 July 2019 – ABC Radio – Sydney
Should Sports Supplements Be More Regulated?

30 July 2019 – 6PR Radio – Perth, WA
Supplements Can’t Be Trusted. Interview on Shayna Jack sports supplement scandal

29 July 2019 – Sydney Morning Herald
Athletes told to assume any supplement they take could be tainted with performance enhancers

10 July 2019 – Sydney Morning Herald
Ministers seek immediate review of concentrated caffeine products after death

30 June 2018 – The New Daily
Introducing LISS, the next big thing in fitness

February 2018 – Triple J – Hack
Over-the-counter workout supplements ‘adulterated’ with steroids, stimulants

September 2017 – Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine
Fat vs. Sugar

14 August 2017 – Huffington Post
Why Does Our Stomach Grumble?

10 July 2017 –
An exercise physiologist explains what it will take to win Australian Ninja Warrior

20 February 2017 – 2GB Chris Smith Show
Activity Habits of Younger vs Older Australians

20 February 2017 – Health & Well-Being Radio with Ed Phillips
Walking vs. Jogging: Is Walking Enough Exercise

7 February 2017 – Huffington Post
Why Too Much Sitting Down Isn’t Helping Your Health

1 February 2017 – Huffington Post
Why Exercise Is So Crucial As We Get Older

30 January 2017 – About Pain
Aussie Seniors Exercising More and Beating Pain

27 January 2017 – FIVEaa Radio – Adelaide
Activity Levels of Millennials vs. Older Australians (click to listen)

26 January 2017 – Stuff New Zealand
How to Trick Your Body Into Being Younger

25 January 2017 – Sydney Morning Herald/The Age
How to Trick Your Body Into Being Younger (SMH)
How to Trick Your Body Into Being Younger(The Age)

24 January 2017 – 2UE Radio – Daily Drive Show
Activity level of Millennials vs. Baby Boomers (click to listen)

24 January 2017 – Starts at 60
7 Ways to Stay Active When Living with Joint Pain

17 January 2017 – Coach Nine Australia
Overtraining, Under-recovering, Under-eating: The Three Biggest Gym Mistakes

30 December 2016 – Coach Nine Australia
A Timeline of What to Expect in 2017 If You Start Getting Healthy Today?

9 November 2016 – Fast Company
Can Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water A Day Make You More Productive?

1 September 2016 – Weightwatchers
Fit at Every Life Stage

8 August 2016 – WellBeing
Boys and Body Image: Am I Buff Enough?

3 August 2016 – Galore Mag
This One Phrase is the Biggest Red Flag That a Weight Loss Product is B.S.

26 July 2016 – The Logan Reporter
Free Gym Opens in Woodridge

27 July 2016 – Galore Magazine
Why You Shouldn’t Bother With Instagram-promoted Detox Teas

28 June 2016 – Food For Fitness UK Podcast
FFF 056: Busting Health, Fitness & Nutrition BS – With Dr Bill Sukala

17 May 2016 –
Build a Great Home Gym for Under $500

May/June 2016 – Muscle & Fitness Hers
Can You Cap Out Your Calorie Burn? (Online)
Can You Cap Out Your Calorie Burn? (Print version)

19 April 2016 – Body and Soul
Weight Loss: Kitchen Gadgets That Help You Lose Weight

6 April 2016 – Fast Company
Here’s How A Month Of Exercise Affected My Brain

6 March 2016 – Huffington Post
‘Rapid Energy’: Creatine Will Give Your Workout An ‘Explosive Edge’

8 February 2016 – Daily Mail Australia
Should YOU Be Working Out for Less Than Half an Hour? From Kayla Itsines to Sam Wood, Fitspo Stars Claim That 28 Minutes is the Magic Exercise Time… But Why?

7 February 2016 – Sun Herald
Take a Stand

5 February 2016 – SBS News
Why Being Fat Doesn’t Mean You’re Unhealthy

3 February 2016 – ABC Radio (Australia)
The Health Benefits of Standing | Health Hacks with Kelly Higgins-Devine

2 February 2016 – She Knows
Melbourne Dad is Risking His Health by Eating Only Potatoes For a Year

9 January 2016 – The New Daily
Sixteen Easy Ways to Change Your Life in 2016

31 December 2015 – The Huffington Post
The Do’s And Dont’s Of Working Out In The Australian Heat

8 December 2015 – Channel 10 Eyewitness News (Australia)
Interviewed on the latest Australian National Health Survey results for 2014-15

23 November 2015 – The Huffington Post
What Are Pre-Workout Supplements And Are They Safe?

1 November 2015 – Body and Soul
Making Exercise a Habit: How to Get into an Exercise Routine (that you love) 

20 August 2015 – Business Insider
How ‘That Crazy Body Wrap’ Took Over Facebook and Drove More Than $1 Billion in Sales

4 August 2015 – Good Morning America
Zaggora Hotwear May Help You Burn More Calories While Working Out

13 July 2015 – Daily Mail Australia
Do micro workouts really work? Fitness apps promise results in just THREE minutes a day… but experts say there’s a catch

30 March 2015 – The Huffington Post
The 9 Biggest Health Myths Debunked