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body mass index calculator

Body Mass Index Calculator

What is body mass index? You’ve no doubt heard of body mass index (BMI), but might be a little bit confused about what it is and what the results actually mean. In very simple terms, body mass index looks at your weight relative to your height. Use the calculator below to determine your BMI and …

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carb protein fat macronutrient calculator

Macronutrient Percentage Calculator

Just enter your daily calorie intake and desired percentages and the calculator will provide you with a breakdown of your macronutrients in calories and grams. Enter total daily calorie intake Calories Select desired macronutrient percentages 5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50%55%60%65%70% Carbohydrate 5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50% Protein 5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50% Fat Calories from each macronutrient Carbohydrate calories Protein calories Fat calories Grams of each macronutrient …

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total daily energy expenditure calculator

Total Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator

Your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) refers to the total amount of energy you burn each day. There are a number of factors which influence your TDEE, including: Basal metabolic rate (BMR) Thermic effect of activity (TEA) Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) Thermic effect of food (TEF) The TDEE calculator below includes BMR in its calculation. …

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basal metabolic rate calculator

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) refers to how much energy your body burns each day (measured in calories or kilojoules) just to keep itself alive. For example, your vital organs like your heart, lungs, and brain burn energy 24 hours a day without any conscientious effort. Your BMR represents approximately 60 to 75% of the …

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