Liproxenol Review

Liproxenol Max Review | Buyer Beware of Deceptive Marketing

I originally published this Liproxenol exposé in early 2013 after an investigation into the company’s egregiously deceptive advertising. As of this 2017 update, the product name has been changed to Liproxenol Max despite no indication that the ingredients are any different than in 2012. Sadly, the website is still active and using the same misleading tactics. They …

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Calorad collagen supplement

Calorad Collagen Supplement Review

Calorad collagen supplements stormed onto the scene around the mid to late 1990s with claims that you can “lose weight while you sleep.” They have since moved away from this and now make claims that it can help you improve your shape and sculpt your body. The currently active website for Calorad ( claims that …

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chromium supplements

Are Chromium Supplements Safe?

Chromium is a popular nutrition supplement which has been on the market for decades. If you’re a dieter, bodybuilder, or have diabetes, you’ve probably even tried it to give you a little jump start to your fat loss or blood sugar control. But new evidence suggests it might not be as safe as we once believed. …

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pyruvate supplements review

Pyruvate Supplements: A Review of Marketing Claims

Pyruvate is a dietary supplement that is marketed to sedentary, active, and athletic adults. The most popular claims centre about its purported ability to: “significantly” increase fat and weight loss; improve exercise endurance capacity; effectively reduce cholesterol, and; serve as a potent antioxidant. However, these contentions are based mainly on faulty extrapolations of preliminary or inconclusive evidence. …

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