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Dr Bill Sukala is an award-winning professional health writer who has authored articles for mainstream magazines, websites, trade publications, and medical journals around the world. He brings a relaxed and conversational tone to his writing, effectively translating complicated science into simple terms to deliver his messages to a wide audience. If you’re an editor or an online content director and looking for well-written copy requiring minimal editing, please contact Bill to discuss your needs.

Qualifications and Experience

  • PhD, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in the health sciences
  • 25 years hands-on experience working in health care
  • 22 years professional writing and editing experience
  • 12 years of web design and SEO experience
  • Clinical research and practice experience
  • High proficiency in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript
  • High proficiency WordPress content management system

Benefits for Editors

  • Trustworthy, researched, reliable, and balanced content
  • Nil to minimal editing on submitted copy
  • Content matching the style and voice of your publication
  • Extensive network of expert sources for interviews
  • Translation of complex science into simple terms for readers
  • Organised pitches (developed outline, hook, reader benefits)
  • SEO-optimised content (delivered with HTML/CSS formatting)

Writing Clips

Health Magazines

Healthy Food Guide
How to Boost Your Willpower

Diabetic Living
Stop Yo-Yo Exercising

Diabetic Living
The Health Ripple Effect

Good Health
Stand Up For Your Health

Fitness and Sports Magazines

Fitness Life
Carrots Now Fat Free?

Fitness First
Obesity Genes

Surfing Magazine
Travelling Surfer’s Nutrition

Peak Running Performance
Essential Water

Industry Trade Publications

Australian Fitness Network
Effects of Medication on Exercise

Fitpro Magazine UK
Research Fact or Fiction

Australian Fitness Network
You Are What You Eat, But Careful Who Says So

International Journal of Sport Nutrition
Pyruvate: Beyond the Marketing Hype

Peer-Reviewed Journals

Journal of Physical Activity & Health
Exercise Improves Quality of Life in Indigenous Polynesian Peoples With Type 2 Diabetes and Visceral Obesity. 2013 (10: 699-707)

Diabetes Research & Clinical Practice
Exercise Training in High-Risk Ethnic Populations with Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review of Clinical Trials. 2012 (97: 206-216)

Australasian Medical Journal
Exercise Intervention in NZ Type 2 Diabetes: Cultural Considerations and Clinical Trial Recommendations

European Journal of Applied Physiology
South Pacific Islanders Resist Type 2 Diabetes: Comparison of Aerobic and Resistance Training. 2012 (112: 317-25)

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