Dr Dan Jolley

Dr Dan Jolley

Dr Dan Jolley is a former personal trainer who now works as a lecturer and strength & conditioning coach. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, then began working as a personal trainer to fund his obsession with sport. After representing Australia in American football, he took up coaching, and completed a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology. He was the head of strength and conditioning for Gridiron Australia for two World Championship campaigns (2011 & 2015) and has also coached in the WAFL (Australian football) competition and the Perth Scorchers (WBBL). He holds a PhD in Educational Psychology at Curtin University in Perth where he carried out research on the competence and confidence of fitness professionals. Be sure to check out his website at Critical Fitness and his Facebook page where he tackles pseudoscience in the fitness industry.

CrossFit: An Independent Unbiased Review

CrossFit exploded onto the scene about a decade ago and since then has amassed a huge following – and a lot of criticism. But is this criticism fair and warranted? CrossFit helps a lot of people, so how can it be bad?

personal trainer

How to Choose a Personal Trainer – Using Science!

Choosing a personal trainer in can be a daunting experience. Who is best qualified to help you? Who will deliver excellent service in the most safe and effective way possible? In this post-truth age of social media-driven misinformation like “alternative

spot reduction biosignature modulation

BioSignature Modulation For Spot Reduction? Fat Chance

Spot reduction. Friend only to infomercial ab blasters, thigh creams, and fat stripper pills. In this article, exercise physiologist Dr Dan Jolley, PhD, reviews the scientific evidence on spot reduction and puts Charles Poliquin’s BioSignature Modulation claims under the microscope. Over

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